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This Ramadan, The Women’s Mosque of America needs your help raising $55,000 to help us hire our first full-time employee and continue through our third year of operations. Help us uplift the Muslim community by empowering the women and girls within when you make a tax deductible contribution today!
Please donate to help support The Women’s Mosque of America to continue our services and programming for the upcoming year. Our women-led jumma’as require rent, security, insurance, videographers, sound engineers, editors, as well as many other monthly operational expenses. Once we are able to meet our operational costs, here are a few new programs we hope to launch in the coming year, inshAllah (God-willing):

– Women Speaker Series: Both men and women will be able to benefit from hearing our brilliant women scholars and speakers talk on a range of academic, spiritual, and practical topics relevant to American Muslims today.

– Women’s Empowerment Workshops: Muslim women will get to participate in workshops covering a wide range of topics catered to their needs and interests — from financial security, sexual health, and public speaking, to coding, self defense, compassionate parenting, and Islamic art.

– Qur’an Literacy Program: Through facilitated meetings and classes, men and women will complete an entire English reading of the Holy Qur’an within the course of one year.

– Ansar/New Muslim Partnerships: We will pair two Ansars (helpers) with each New Muslim sister who is in need of guidance, companionship, and support after embracing Islam.

– Youth Mentoring Program: We will provide mentorship and activities for children and teens to help them transition into adulthood with a healthy American-Muslim identity. 

YOU can help us make these programs a reality! Please donate today!


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