At the Women’s Mosque of America, we celebrate and respect the differences of opinion within our vast religion, and we believe that our community’s diversity is a beautiful sign of Mercy from God.

We are an inclusive middle ground space that welcomes all Muslims from every sect*, background, school of thought, and level of religious practice. We also invite our interfaith sisters from all religious backgrounds to join us as observers, participators, and supporters.

We have a “Come as you are” dress code policy – meaning everyone is welcome to come dressed as they normally do outside of the mosque.

Our Friday jumma’a prayer services are run as follows:

    • Adthan (call to prayer)
    • Khutbha (sermon) delivered by the khateebah (one who delivers a khutbah)**
    • Congregational two rakat Jumma’a prayer
    • Immediately after jumma’a prayer, we also offer an optional congregational four rakat Dhuhr prayer for those who wish to participate. The reason for this addition in our service is to be more inclusive of those with a difference of opinion on the matter of prayer, and to provide an environment in which all our congregant members feel comfortable, welcomed, and that their religious beliefs are respected. 
    • Q&A Discussion Circle with the imam
    • Tea & Socializing!

*The Women’s Mosque of America provides rose petals and clay turbahs for our Shi’a sisters to use during prayer.

**On occasion, we also offer a pre-khutbah bayan (talk) in order to accommodate those khateebahs who request it. This style of jumma’a service comes from the Hanafi school of thought.